Sunday, 21 February 2016

Home sick

Hey guys,

Bit of a different post today, I just wanted to touch on a subject that I have always struggled with and am going through at the moment. Feeling homesick.

So as you all know I moved house around 3 weeks ago, we decided to take the plunge and move away from our families. Only about 30 minutes away but we are both very close to our families so it was a big decision for us to make. I've always struggled with being away from home ever since I was younger and I still struggle with it now, even if I am going on a holiday for two weeks by the second week I have to have made contact with my mum. I think its just a home comfort thing.

I'm not the most confident of people which is mainly down to my own anxiety issues and I find it really hard to make new friends and to socialise so I get lonely quite quickly. I haven't actually done much to make friends since i've moved here but I have met the neighbours who are so lovely and I am planning on taking Albie to some local toddler groups where hopefully I can give myself a kick up the butt and say hello to some new people.

With feeling homesick, I tend to start hating where I am very very quickly and that is not a good thing. About 2 weeks after we moved I in I felt so down in the dumps and just couldn't bring myself to go out in the village or anything, but  found it really helpful to talk to Hayden and my mum. Both of them know me better than I know myself and told me I would end up feeling like this and both have helped me feel so much more at ease with moving here. I've been out exploring with Hayden and Albie just so I can learn some places and how to get home, haha and my mum has become a regular visitor which I love!

My advice to any of you who suffer with feeling homesick is always try to talk to someone, don't feel it alone and bottle it up otherwise you just dig yourself a deeper hole and find it harder to get out of. There are so many different solutions to helping you overcome it and to make you feel more at home and if you talk to someone about it, you can work some out together.

I am slowly starting to feel more at home now and I couldn't of done it without support from my family and friends so I am so grateful to them for helping me try to overcome this and to settle in to my new home and area.

Do any of you suffer from homesickness or any other types of anxiety?
Let me know.

Take care
Megan x