Sunday, 27 December 2015

5 things nobody tells you about when your about to become a parent.

There are so many things people just dont tell you when your a parent which if i had been told, would of helped so much. Sometimes all you needs are some tips and advice so i thought i would do a little list of things i wish i had been told before i became a parent to Albie.

1) You become so paranoid and anxious. Now i have always suffered with anxiety but the level it reaches when you become a parent is at a whole new level, i was worried someone might drop him if they hold him or if i was doing something wrong. Every little thing i did i questioned whether or not it was the right thing to do and every little bump or illness he got i was ringing my mum or the doctors. I was your typical first time mum but it is okay to be anxious and it is okay to worry, as soon as your child is born you become very protective and it is just your protective side showing through when your worrying. What i will say is always trust your instinct, as a parent you always know what works best with your child and if their is something not quite right, you will always know.

2)  You will compare your child to others. No matter how much you say you wont, you will. Especially if you have friends with children around the same age as yours. I live by the saying every child is different and they will all reach milestones at different times so treasure them while they are young. Dont worry to much about if your friends child walked at 10 months and your child still isnt walking at 14 months, they will get there they all learn things differently. 

3)   It is 24/7 for the rest of your life. Now im quite lucky that mine and Haydens family's are so supportive and are always offering to baby sit Albie but even when hes with them and we are out on a date night or out with friends, my mind is on him continuously. I am wondering what hes doing, if hes being good, did he eat his tea, the list continues. Now Albie isnt even 2 yet but im sure it will never change even when hes moved out, it might ease off and i wont be thinking about him all day but im sure he will cross my mind and ill be wondering if hes okay or if he needs me. You become so selfless that all your focus is on them sometimes you do have to put yourself first but your childs needs should be your main priority.

4) No books will ever tell you how to be the perfect parent. I read book after book after book when i was pregnant with Albie and although they gave me plenty of tips, ive hardly used any of them. The best way to be a parent, is to quite literally be a parent, what works with mine may not work with yours and as long as what you think your doing is right for you and your child thats all that matters. Sometimes mistakes are made but as long as your learning from them thats the main thing.

5) There is no better job in the world. Being a parent is like being in a full time job, you just never get to clock out. It is so much more rewarding than any salary you could ever get. When your child does something or learns something new you will burst with pride. Its so hard to describe the emotions you feel when you become a parent but it is a love like no other, some days you may want to scream at the top of your voice but you will always look at them and just feel a rush of love. They can put a smile on your face in the darkest days and they will become your best friend.

Becoming a parent is the best thing to ever to happen to me and im sure is the same for most of you. I feel privelleged that i have Albie in my life and that i get to watch him learn and become the perfect little person he is. I wouldnt change it for anything. Let me know if you guys have any tips that you wish you had been told before you became a parent. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Megan x