Friday, 5 May 2017

My breastfeeding experience.

Hey guys,

So i thought i would do a little post about my breastfeeding experience, i tried breastfeeding Albie but never really took to it as he was tongue tied and i had no support from the midwifes/health visitors so i knew i wanted to persevere this time and really give it a go.

When Evalyn was born she was put straight onto skin to skin and latched on perfectly, i had to stay in overnight due to her passing a bowel movement when i was in labour so they wanted to keep a check on us both. Whilst we were in, the midwifes were really supportive and kept coming to check the latch was still okay and that she was feeding enough. We were discharged the next day and they were really pleased with her feeding.

So when we got home, i literally felt like a cow being milked, she was constantly feeding and every time i thought about giving up i remembered how much i wanted to do it and i was always told never give up on a bad day! That always stuck with me and as the months went on their was plenty of times that i just called my husband and said i cant do this shes going on formula and he would always remind me of that sentence so i feel that really helped me.

The right support can really help with breastfeeding and without it i dont think i would of got this far. So i managed to get to six and a half months and i am so proud of myself for getting as far as i have and im so gutted that i have had to give up due to going back to work. I haven't actually stopped feeding her yet, mostly because of me. I am so reluctant to give it up, i feel like its given us such a strong bond and i feel like its my special bond with her that nobody else has so i am completely gutted as i tried expressing but i wouldn't even get half an ounce from an hours pumping session - i used the lansinoh electric pump which was really comfortable, i also tried the lansinoh manual pump too but had no luck with either which i think was down to me rather than the pumps because i have heard so many great things about the pumps.

So overall i really do recommend giving breastfeeding a try even if it doesn't work out at least you can say you've tried and if it does work out, thats even better. Because i hate doing bottles now haha, i find it so time consuming.

Take care
Megan x

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

6 month update!

Hey guys

Its been a while hasn't it, 6 whole months to be exact! Life has just really taken over, trying to find a balance between working, doing the house up and being a full time mum to two children now, my blog has been on the back burner. But fear not, just because i haven't been here doesn't mean i dont have lots of new ideas and posts coming up but today i'm going to start with Evalyns 6 month update.

6 months!!! How is my baby 6 months old already?! I feel like it was only yesterday i found out i was pregnant and now here she is at 6 months (nearly 7 months). She has really started to get her own little personality now, shes very quiet and chilled out, nothing really phases her at all. The only time she cries is when she wants feeding, which brings me on to another subject - weaning, i do have plans to do a full post on this but oh my life this girl can eat, if you've got food in your hands you can guarantee she will try to get it. Greedy monkey and her growth is really starting to show this as shes now on the 75th percentile and weighs a whopping 17lb 3oz.

We are still breastfeeding but with me going back to work and not being able to express, we are slowly weaning her off of me which i'm so disappointed about but she needs to be fed. She doesn't currently sleep through the night and is waking two to three times which is exhausting but shes so worth it. Shes a very bouncy girl and is always excitable about everything which i just love! She has the craziest hair ever and everybody always comments on her hair.

She can now sit up and roll everywhere, i leave her on the floor playing in one room and the next thing i know shes in the next room with me, shes mastered it to a tee and is fast at it. Crawling - shes now getting herself into the position to crawl and is rocking so i dont think it will be long until she is crawling but for now she finds it easier to just roll everywhere.

So that sums Evalyn up and what shes doing at 6 months and i'm honestly so in love with her. My next post will be a breastfeeding one due up on friday so make sure you come back to check it out.

Take care
Megan x