Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Meet my daughter!

Hey guys.

Its been a while hasnt it? If you cant tell from the title i have been a bit preoccupied with my new baby daughter! I cant quite believe shes here.

So meet baby Evalyn Ballard,  born on the 12.10.2016, weighing 8lb 11oz after going 12 days overdue. Its fair to say this little princess liked to keep us waiting.

I went into hospital at 9am that morning to be induced to find that i was already 6cm dilated and had been for a week and was now having regular contractions. The midwife decided not to induce me so sent me round to the birthing centre for a water birth but once i got there my contractions stopped. I went for a long walk and my contractions were then coming every 2 minutes but when the midwife checked me o hadnt dilated any firther so she broke my waters to find that little miss had pooped so i couldnt have a water birth after all. :(

I was gutted. But all i wanted was to hold her in my arms. I was then taken round to my delivery room where my contractions were coming thick and fast and i was in agony. I started on the has and air but was screaming for an epidural but i was ready to push so it was too late. Within 6 minutes my beautiful baby girl was in my arms and this whole rush of love filled my body and i couldnt believe how beautiful she was.

Life with Evalyn has been amazing, Albie is incredible with her and has shown no signs of jealousy and just wants to cuddle her all the time which completley melts my heart.

Hope you enjoyed reading
Take care
Megan x