Monday, 22 August 2016

Third trimester.

Hey guys

So i thought it was about time i did my third trimester post, i cant believe im already writing this and that i only have 5 weeks left until she is due. Where has the time gone? Anyway let me get on.

A lot has changed in terms of symptoms this trimester, I am currently suffering with extreme PGP which if some of you dont know is Pelvic girdle pain and with a two year old this is agonising, my doctor has put me on bed rest but that is just impossible so i try not to walk to much but still get around as much as i can. Some days are worse than others, some days i can barely move and then some days I feel like its disappearing (if only). They cant actually do much for this so its a grin and bear it until she arrives. I have also been having a lot of braxton hicks, especially at night time, one night i nearly made Hayden take me into hospital. I am the worst pain bearer EVER! Lastly, heartburn - OH MY GOD, i have never experience something so painful in all my life but whenever i get heartburn i also get really bad trapped wind in my chest so i genuinely feel like i am having a heart attack or something and nothing gets rid of it for me.

Baby is growing very well and because i get extra scans i get to see exactly how she is doing, she currently has a big head and stomach and small legs just like her brother did which turned out correct when he was born haha, she is just perfect. We had a 4d scan done when i was 29 weeks and i just cant believe how similar her and Albie look so i cant wait to see what she looks like when she is here.

That is all i really have to update you all with and i think my next updating blog post will be my birth story - how exciting, but in the mean time i have plenty of other posts coming your way including a favourites of what we have brought for her and a baby shower post.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Take care
Megan x