Friday, 25 December 2015

Little tikes kitchen review

Hey guys, ive got a surprise little post for you.

Albie has been loving the play kitchen when he goes to his childminders when me and his dad are at work and also when we go to all our local little toddler groups. I get the most horrific tantrums when I tell him its home time and he hasn't finished making his play tea and cakes - terrible twos are starting to arrive I think :(

Anyway back on what I started to write this post about, with Christmas approaching I thought I would buy him his own one. There are so many to choose from that I spent many of nights trawling the internet, reading reviews and other mummy blogs until I came across a little tikes one that I thought would suit his room so well.

Albies bedroom is a Thomas the tank engine theme so the colour scheme is white, blue, red and yellow which coincidently are the colours of the kitchen. Albie really enjoys opening all the doors and all the different sections with a large kitchen so I just knew when I saw it and read the reviews that this was the one I was going to get for him.

I managed to get it at a complete bargain on black Friday reduced from £110 to only £55. I was dreading putting it together on Christmas eve, expecting it to take up our entire evening but to my surprise it only took 45 minutes to put together.

So I was on to a winner, it went perfect with the colour scheme of his bedroom, it has lots of little compartments for him to open and shut and it didn't take forever to put together. I cant comment on the durability of it as hes only had it today but hes given the cupboards a good old try and they haven't broken as of yet. His face was an absolute picture when he saw it so I would say an overall very good choice on my part. I speak to a lot of other mummys and child carers and they have all recommended little tikes for its amazing durability and how much they can withstand so for now im going to eat some tea and cakes cooked in Albies fridge, haha the life of a mum to a toddler. Ive inserted a picture and a link below if any of you were interested.'n-Serve-Kitchen/000797828,default,pd.html