Thursday, 22 January 2015

Memories #2 - Albie

On the 15th january 2014 my whole world changed. I had given birth to what felt like a pumpkin. Albie was born into this world weighing 8lb 11oz. Now to me that seems and sounds massive but to other people that sounds arround average.

Life as a mum was difficult at first, i was so tired everyday but i never wanted any help from anybody. He was my baby and me and Hayden were the only ones i wanted to look after him. He was just so precious that everytime someone held him, everytime he got a little mark or rash, everytime he  would cry i would be at his beck and call.

As the days went by, my love for Albie grew stronger and stronger and every little milestone Albie would reach i loved being there to watch. I have endless amount of photos and videos of him, some of him sleeping, some of him crying, some of him playing. Every little emotion Albie went through, i wanted to capture it all.

As the months passed, i watched Albie growing into the cheekiest little boy. Every day his personality was growing and changing, as were his clothes! People always told me how quickly they grow out of things but id love an outfit on him and by the time i had got through the mountain of washing, he had already grown out of it.

Albie is now a blossoming walking, talking cheeky little one year old and every day is a joyous, treasured memory. The best part about him growing up is how much stronger the bond between us and the level of communication that he shows. If hes unhappy he will try and show me why, if he wants a cuddle he will just come over to me and snuggle (this is a rare one but still a great one)

Overall, being a mum to my beautiful little boy is truly the best experience of my life and although hes growing and learning so fast, i am too. Every time i think i have this whole mum stuff figured out Albie shows me i havent.

Albie is my world and there is nothing i would change. Being a young mum doesnt mean my life ended, hes given me a whole new one. Because i had him young, means ill hopefully get to love him longer.

Megan x