Thursday, 14 July 2016

Second trimester!

Hey guys,

I know this post is so overdue as i am now well into my third trimester but i thought i would let you all know how i found my second trimester and just little updates.

I had what felt like the most awful first trimester ever! It was so much more awful than Albies, now dont get me wrong i feel very lucky to be able to carry children and to be in the position i am in but i was so exhausted and drained that i just felt like i couldnt function and with a toddler i just hated feeling like that. It wasnt just me that was suffering it was Albie too because as much as i tried to be the energetic mum i was worn out by midday.

The sickness was awful too but thankfully both the exhaustion and sickness had eased off as i entered into my second trimester which i was so pleased about, although they hadn't fully gone i was feeling so much more myself and more like i could relax and enjoy being pregnant again.

A bump update (my bump with Evalyn and my bump with Albie, both at 21 weeks)

The best part of my second trimester was we found out the gender of our baby and if you read my last post you will know we are expecting a baby girl! We are so over the moon and cannot wait for her to be here.

Overall, i really enjoyed the second trimester of my pregnancy, so much so that it just absolutley flew by and i am now in my third trimester. I cant quite believe it and am so lucky that so far everything has gone plain sailing and she is growing perfectly and is measuring exactly as she should be.

I will be doing a third and final trimester update soon so keep an eye out for that!

Take care,
Megan x