Saturday, 26 March 2016

My first trimester.

Hey guys,

I thought I would do a post on my first trimester and how I found it, I am moving into my second trimester now and I cant wait!

So at around 6 weeks I started getting morning sickness. It hasn't stopped, I have had it every single day, every time I eat and it has been awful. I never got morning sickness with Albie so I had never experienced it but I have been trying to embrace it as I am trying to enjoy being pregnant this time round. (I am finding that hard to)

I have also had excruciating back pain and headaches, to the point that some days I have found even walking hard but I have struggled on through and the back pain seems to have come to an end (touch wood). I am still getting headaches but they are easing off a little bit now too, so now all I need is the sickness to disappear and I will love being pregnant.

Don't get me wrong, I feel so lucky to be in a position that I can have children and I thank my lucky stars every night but I am most definitely one of those women who prefer to give birth than be pregnant. People say to me are you nuts, pregnancy is the easy bit? But I disagree, I didn't enjoy being pregnant with Albie and I am not enjoying it this time around much either. I had such an easy labour with Albie that I can honestly say I prefer to give birth.

I know in the end, this is all so worth it and I am so looking forward to our baby being here. Apart from the sickness and back pain everything is going swimmingly, baby is healthy and seems to be growing and developing as they should be which is great news. I haven't put on any weight yet as whatever I am eating just comes straight back up but I am sure my body will make up for that in due course.

Did you guys enjoy being pregnant? What do you prefer, being pregnant or giving birth? Let me know in the comments.

Take care.
Megan x